Greek Island Cruises

There are many reasons why you should take Greek Island cruises and these are reasons why these cruise trips have become so popular among many different tourists around the world. Greece and the Greek Islands are a part of Europe, which is one of the ancient lands of kings and empires. The whole region is filled with adventure for you and your family. There are many different cruise lines that take you to these islands, however the Princess cruise ships are the most common and popular.

The first reasons why Greek Island cruises are popular are due to the world class museums. Some of the many renowned works have been created and located in this area. The art and history of this region is fascinating and interesting. Greece and Greek Islands are rich in both culture and history. The second reason is due to the amazing architecture. These islands and the other itineraries offered by the cruises allow you to see wonderful landscapes, such as churches, monuments, and other ancient history buildings.

Other than the above two reasons why Greek Islands are preferred over the many other cruises is because of the archeological treasures and the picturesque villages. Visiting Greece and the Greek Islands will give you the opportunity to feel and experience the Roman glories in many different sites. Once you finished looking at art, culture and ancient building, you can relax at the villages. They have clear blue sea, where you can sit around at the beach and enjoy different types of fish for you lunch and dinner.

There are many different deals and packages to choose from, so remember to set your budget and book your holiday accordingly. If you have tight or restricted budget, you can book your holidays in the off peak season because during those times the whole cruise trip will be cheaper.

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Cruises to Italy from Rome to Venice

venice italy
Italy is a country of many wonders, from its beautiful coastline as the country is almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, its beautiful highlands, islands and remarkable Mediterranean climate has made of it a destination of choice for many people.
Italian cruises help you to view Italy from without. It gives you a picturesque view as you come closer to the port, you will come to discover the country and its cities in a whole new way as you tend to get a fuller picture of the land when you are offshore.

Cruises to Italy from Rome to Venice typically cover the entire Italian coastline, as you start your cruise on one end of the Italian coast, and end it on the other end. While there are many cruise operators that offer this kind of tours, they usually differ in the number of ports that they visit, as well as the different options that are added on the cruises. There is also a difference in the level of comfort available on cruises, and this is usually related to the prices that are offered. Therefore you should be able to choose wisely depending on how much you are willing to spend, and how much time you can dedicate to the cruise.

A typical cruise from Rome to Venice can take about a week, making stops in ports like Ischia, Giardini-Naxos in Sicily, then going to Venice in Italy. Many of the times, Italian cruises from Rome to Venice also touch some other ports of the Mediterranean including popular ports like Kotor in Montenegro, Dubrovnik in Croatia, as well as Pula in Croatia which are found on the way to Venice.

Discover the cultural heritage of Italy, and enjoy an amazing vacation with relaxing cruises to Italy that will not only wake you up to the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline, but will also let you see Italy in a whole new way.

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Spanish Cruises - Popular Stopovers

Spanish cruises typically take tourists on a journey through the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. This particular course makes sure that the cruise participants will get to see and experience the most renowned attractions in Spain.

Here are some places covered by Spanish cruises.

spanish cruises Barcelona

na cruises - Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and part of the Catalonia province, Barcelona is one of the most frequented cities by tourists from all around the world. Here you can feel the charm of the old world with places like the Barri Gotic in Catalan and the Sagrada Familia cathedral among others.

Monte Carlo - Spanish cruises usually makes a stopover in the charismatic ports and pristine beaches of Monte Carlo. This place is also home to Vegas-like casinos and hotels.

Florence - Located in the Tuscany region of Italy, is home to the grand basilicas of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella. It is also where one can find the notable Uffizi Museum that exhibits the most breathtaking classical arts.

Gibraltar - Spanish cruises takes tourist to this dazzling British administrative region that boasts of the Rock of Gibraltar and the historic Moorish Castle.

Sardinia - Mediterranean region’s second largest city, Sardinia is the location of two important World Heritage Sites namely the Nuraghe structures and the Su Nuraxi di Barumini.

Mallorca - A famous island in the Mediterranean sea, this location has steadily garnered respect from tourists since the 1950’s. With its captivating island lifestyle mixed with the olden charm of its architectures, it is truly an enchanting destination to visit and one that give Spanish cruises another source of character.

Although a cruise vacation can be a bit expensive, it is undeniably one of the best experience one can give himself, and share to his or her loved ones. Amongst the many cruise offers, Spanish cruises are something avid jetsetters should plunge into.

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Mediterranean Cruises

A Mediterranean Cruise is usually a staple on people’s bucket list. Well with the multi-sensory delights this experience promises, it is only understandable, even logical. A typical cruise in the Mediterranean covers parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia, hence it truly is a rich and rewarding journey to say the very least. Here are some highlights of this awe inspiring voyage.

Good Food and Superb Accommodation on the Mediterranean cruises

The Mediterranean region is known for their sumptuous cuisines that are as varied as the different cultures that make up the area. In fact a Mediterranean Cruise is said to be a foodie’s Mecca. Moreover, on board accommodations are designed to give utmost comfort to all types of tourists.

On Board Entertainment

Even while travelling on board a Mediterranean cruise ship, tourists are treated to all sorts of entertainment and activities. Lounge on the ship’s pool deck. Listen to opera. Play sports. There are even ships equipped with casinos for those people who are into some adrenaline-pumping card games or a shot at conquering the exciting slot machines. In a cruise like this, there is definitely zero dull moment.

Sights and Sounds

Of course this takes the center stage in this expedition. Mediterranean Cruise participants are set to get acquainted with the many marvels of the region. From the exotic land of Egypt to the holy land of Rome, this cruise offers something for everyone.


This experience also allows tourist to meet new friends from all parts of the globe. Having shared something as beautiful as a Mediterranean Cruise, it is only expected that participants get to bond with their fellow travelers.

This experience is quite powerful that it can make one realize how beautiful life is, and appreciate the many wonders of this world we’ve been gifted with. Every person truly deserves to embark on a Mediterranean Cruise at least once in their lifetime.

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Mediterranean Cruise

Why Mediterranean Cruises?
Because Europe is a popular cruising region second only to the Caribbean (and followed by Alaska in the third place), and it's really a no-barrier to see why. The Mediterranean region truly offers something for everyone: great sights, shopping, beaches, museums, a diversity of
Cultural and natural attractions, and a decent climate.

The Mediterranean cruise ports are close together, meaning you can visit several in a limited period of time; the seas relatively calm; the opportunities interesting and diverse. Europe has a seafaring tradition that goes back to ancient times - you can even chose an itinerary that follows the exact route of the ancient mariners - so it is any wonder a European, Mediterranean cruise sounds so exciting and romantic.

A Mediterranean Cruise is also one of the most practical, comfortable, and economical ways to see Europe. You only have to unpack ones, your floating hotel takes you different ports in different countries, and you don’t need to deal with hassle of getting around Europe by plane or train.

A downside to Mediterranean cruise is that you might not have as much time as you'd like in port to experience the local culture, although some cruise lines overnight in cities like Venice, Monte Carlo and Istanbul, and smaller cruise ships may overnight in smaller cities. The Mediterranean cruise lines do their best, through their organized shore excursions, to get passengers to the major sights. If you'd rather sit at a cafe and check out the local scene than do an organized tour, you can just head off an your own.
We have found that when cruising in Europe it's best to think of your cruise as a sampler package. If you fall in love with a European city, plan on visiting again later.

European cruising:
Cruise lines - including major American cruise lines like Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Celebrity - have steadily been increasing their presence in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea.
In Europe the cruise lines offer all sorts of itinerary options and a variety of ships to suite everyone's tastes. And the European, Mediterranean cruising has expanded from April to October to March to December; there are even cruises offered in winter mostly in Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Cruises - European Cruises offers cruises to:
  • Greek Islands: Istanbul, Mykonos, Patmos, Kusadasi (Ephessos), Rhodes, Heraklio (Crete) , Santorini, Piraeus (Athens)
  • Western Mediterranean: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Ajaccio, Savona
  • Eastern Mediterranean: Bari, Corfu, La Valletta, Naples, Savona
  • Black See Cruises - they visit the following cities: Naples, Istanbul, Yalta, Odessa, Bosporos Crossing, Santorini, Katakolo (Olympia), Savona


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